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A Brief Resurrection: The Peace Dollar

A fantasy restrike of the infamous 1964-D Peace dollar. Image: WikiMedia Commons  A Peace dollar from the 1960s? Get outta here. We all know the Peace dollar series ended in 1935… or did it? Briefly resurrected and quickly destroyed in the … Continue reading

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Next Stop: Innovation Station

Hoping to inspire seasoned numismatists and neophyte collectors alike, the United States Mint has just launched a new series of collectible coins. Honoring the movers and shakers that helped shape the United States we know and love today, the American … Continue reading

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An Egyptian King and Augustus Saint-Gaudens Walk into a Bar…

One of America’s most beautiful coins ever produced owes its creation to Augustus Saint-Gaudens and President Theodore Roosevelt. Minted from 1907 to 1933, the Saint-Gaudens $20 double eagle is sought-after by collectors and for a time, even the Secret Service. … Continue reading

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Like Potato Chips, One Mint is Never Enough

Most readers are familiar with P, D, and S coins, but did you know that before there was a CC mintmark, there was just a C? And that the D mintmark used by Denver was used before the Civil War by a … Continue reading

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What Does P.T. Barnum, Christopher Columbus and George Washington Have in Common?

Commemorative coins were used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to record important events and pass along news of the time; they often recorded the victors of battles and new rulers. For example, large denomination decadrachms are thought to have … Continue reading

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Cornelius “Con” Hogan

This week started here at International Coins & Currency with some sad news. The untimely passing of Cornelius “Con” Hogan, a current member of our board of directors and a past president. Con had been affiliated with ICC almost since … Continue reading

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“Fake” Pennies

Can you imagine running a business or managing your personal purchases without coins? As we move into the digital age that might be our future. But back in the day when cash was king, it was almost impossible. The difficulties … Continue reading

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