The Perfect Christmas Tree


As we approach another holiday season, I can’t help but take a stroll down memory lane to a time when the holidays were simpler and seemed to be far more meaningful.

As our own marketing team here at ICC does their very best to increase our revenue during this busy time, I reminisce about past Christmas seasons and how we may have lost sight of the simple pleasures of this wonderful time of year.

In my youth we did not go to the mall to buy our Christmas tree. My brother and I took a walk in the woods of our rural Vermont town and found what we estimated to be the perfect tree. We would cut it down and drag it home as proud as could be. I’m certain the trees of my childhood would pale in comparison to the perfectly groomed specimens that we expect today, however the pride we felt in our accomplishment far outweighs the perfection of the Christmas tree that sits in my own living room today.

As we all scour the world of Amazon, Walmart and all of the other massive retailers searching for that perfect gift, we need to all take a moment and think about a time when often the gift was time spent with loved ones without cell phones and social media clouding up this joyous season.

However you may celebrate I hope you will take a moment to reminisce of days gone by, spend a little extra time with family and enjoy this special time of year.

From all of us here at ICC, thank you for your past business, for helping us preserve the history and memories of the past. May this holiday season be very special to all of you.

Rick Thurston
President, ICC Inc.

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