Which Morgan Silver Dollar Would Win the Beauty Contest?


Morgan’s Beauty:

Collectors love Morgan silver dollars! It remains undoubtedly the most famous and collected classic silver dollar worldwide. When you hold one of these impressive big coins in pristine Brilliant Uncirculated condition, you’ll appreciate the striking beauty of this minting legend.

From years of examining every Morgan dollar date and mint, most seasoned experts invariably narrow the field to the 1880-S, 1881-S and 1882-S issues, produced by the then-new San Francisco Mint. That’s quite a distinction, because there were 95 different Morgan silver dollar issues, including all dates and mints!

The Exceptional S-Mint:

At the time, the San Francisco Mint was the newest U.S. minting facility and perhaps the most advanced in the world. The facility used its cutting-edge technology to produce exceptionally well-made silver dollars using material from such fabled Old West sites as the Comstock Lode and Tombstone. In those years, only Morgan silver dollars were minted in San Francisco, so the greatest care could be lavished on these masterpieces of the Wild West.

The proud “S” mintmark reached its height of excellence with the early 1880s Morgan productions. Special care was lavished on the manufacture of these coins, with precise die spacing assuring that all details were struck exceptionally well. The unusually crisp engravings of George T. Morgan’s Liberty personification obverse and American Eagle reverse are highlighted in every minute detail with brilliant luster.

Where to Go From Here:

Until you’ve held a Brilliant Uncirculated 1880-S, 1881-S or 1882-S Morgan in your hand, you haven’t seen this great American coin at its finest. But which of those issues is truly the most beautiful? You’ll have to acquire a few of your own and judge for yourself.

That’s part of the fun of collecting Morgan silver dollars!

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