A New Way to Learn About Coins!


The More You Know the Better:

One of the very first bits of advice you’ll receive as a coin collector is to learn as much as you can about numismatics. This is an excellent recommendation for new collectors, as well as established hobbyist. You will benefit in a huge variety of ways as your knowledge of coin collecting grows.

There are many ways to add to your expertise on coins. Many, many books and magazines are available to help you learn about your favorite collectibles. The internet can also be a good resource for information. (You may want to be sure your source is reliable as much of the information online is self published.)

A New Resource:

Recently I discovered a great new way to learn about coins through listening to podcasts. A podcast is an audio program that you can subscribe to and listen to when ever is convenient. You can find podcast on a myriad of topics including coin collecting.

One of my favorite things about listening to a podcast is the flexibility. I download the file on to my phone or my computer and I can listen whenever and wherever I like. I often will enjoy a podcast during my work commute or when I’m walking my dogs.

Podcasts are general free and released on a regular schedule. Many will have back episodes you can enjoy while you wait for a new release. Podcasts will become something you look forward to with anticipation, I’ve already got my favorites in queue waiting for my next free moment.

Where to Go From Here:

iTunes is great place to start when looking for podcasts of interest to you. There are more than a billion to choose from on that platform alone!

Here is a link to my favorite coin related podcast: http://www.coinshowradio.com/

I’d love to hear what podcasts you enjoy so I can add them to my play list!

Happy coin hunting.

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  1. Convenient way to learn more about coins.

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