The Advantages of Silver Bullion Coins from Around the World


Everyone loves silver! That makes the many silver bullion coins from around the world popular with collectors and investors alike. (see our “Coin Collecting: Investment or Hobby? blog) These coins have advantages over silver rounds or bars in that they are official legal tender and universally recognized. The weight, content and purity of each issue is government authorized and guaranteed.

There are many wonderful world bullion coins to choose from as well. Here’s a nice selection of some of our favorite 1-oz. investment grade silver coins from around the globe.

U.S. Silver Eagle Dollar: This largest silver dollar in U.S. history, originally issued in 1986, contains a full troy ounce of .999 fine silver. Its magnificent “Walking Liberty” design first appeared on the 1916 U.S. half dollar during World War I — regarded as the finest U.S. silver engraving, it’s much larger in this silver dollar form. The Presidential Seal reverse is a distinctive version of a design that’s appeared in various forms on U.S. coins since the beginning of the 19th century.

Canada Maple Leaf: Struck by the award-winning Royal Canadian Mint, this is one of the world’s most popular silver coins. In the past few years, two anti-counterfeit features have been incorporated. Small radial lines create a pattern across the coin and a leaf shape micro security mark has been added. The distinctive minting includes a unique proof-like reverse as well as raised engravings, mirror effects and a satin-finish background. Minted in purest 99.99% fine silver, each contains precisely 1-oz. of pure silver.

China Panda: The long-standing Panda coin series is a favorite for collectors and investors alike. Different from other 1-oz. silver series around the world, these coins feature a fresh engraving of the amazingly cute panda bear each year. The two-tone frosted and mirror finish gives a spectacular proof-like appearance to the Brilliant Uncirculated silver dollar. Beijing’s historic Temple of Heavenly Peace appears on the obverse. Starting in 2015, these 1-oz. .999 fine silver bullion coins will be produced without the silver content inscribed on the coin.

Australia Koala and Kookaburra: Australia’s renowned Perth Mint produces two highly collectible silver series that highlight Australia’s unique wildlife. The Koala and the Kookaburra are iconic creatures from “Down Under” and both 1-0z. silver coins feature a unique design each year. Everyone loves impressive issues which feature Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. Each Brilliant Uncirculated one dollar coin contains a full troy ounce of .999 pure silver and is a sovereign coin backed by the Australian government.

Mexico Libertad: The Mexican silver dollar tradition is the oldest in the Americas and this 1-oz. .999 silver BU evokes its heroic past. Shown is a graceful Libertad  or “Winged Liberty” celebrating Mexico’s independence and the age-old “O over M” mintmark of the Mexico City Mint, which has the longest continuing history on the continent. The obverse depicts the famous Mexican Eagle in 11 different forms from historic coins. The eagle is symbolic as an Aztec legend claims that Mexico City, the capitol, was founded where an eagle killed a snake on a cactus.

Great Britain Britannia: Since 1997, the 1-oz. silver Britannia issues have been very popular with collectors. Starting in 2013, they have been produced with .999 pure silver. These big, impressive coins have a face value of 2 pounds and feature the beautiful Britannia, a female personification of the island and the ancient term for the nation. She is shown holding a trident and shield, ready for battle in a classic toga and a war helmet. Around the edges of the sizeable coin are the weight, purity, country of origin and mintage year. Queen Elizabeth II graces the obverse.

Where to Go From Here:

If collecting bullion coins is in your future you’ll want to consider the options above. Many collectors like the great variety available and choose to own some of each type.

Happy coin hunting!

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