Ten Great Coin Gift Ideas

We’ve all heard the saying, “Good things come in small packages.” Giving the gift of a collectible coin proves that famous quote. When you present a coin, you are giving much more than a gift. You are sharing a piece of history, the chance to start a new hobby and an item of lifelong value.

Coins make great gifts for all ages and for those who already appreciate numismatics as well as the uninitiated. Here are ten suggestions for coin gifts that are sure to please anyone on your list.


• Honor a special date: These gifts are especially appropriate for birthdays and new babies, but also work for weddings and other life events. U.S. Proof and Mint sets from that year are impressive options. The U.S. Mint’s Silver Eagle dollar is another great choice and there are many packaging options that fit with gift giving occasions.

• Give a gift they can wear or show off: Coin jewelry and accessories are always welcome. Both men and women are proud to wear or carry precious and historic artifacts. Pendants, watches, key chains and money clips are just a few of the many options for coin gifts.

• Start a collection they can finish: Share more than just a coin with your loved ones — start them on the life long path of collecting. A starter set of coins with an album is the perfect way to share your passion with the next generation and keep the preservation of history going. This can be especially fun for kids.

• Show you know the recipient: Coin designs are very diverse and honor a great variety of interests. It should be no problem to find a coin that honors a topic your loved one cares about. Both historic and modern coins honor ships, flowers, wildlife, historic events and more. Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts have recently been commemorated as well.

• Connect to the past: One of the biggest draws of coin collecting is the connection to history it provides. Everyone loves holding a piece of history in their hands. Morgan silver dollars, the most collected dollars in history, are always impressive gifts. It can be fun to look for issues that are one hundred years older than the recipient.

• Surprise them with an oddity: Numismatics is full of wonderful items that will surprise and delight any recipient. The U.S. has issued $2 bills, 2 cent coins, 3 cent coins, half dimes and much more. A modern penny in a bottle is a great starter gift that is also wonderfully affordable.

• Show your esteem with silver or gold: Many coins have intrinsic silver and gold value, as well as their collectible worth. A gift of a precious metal is always welcome and says a great deal about your feeling toward the recipient. U.S. bullion coins in silver

or gold can be a wonderfully affordable way to give the gift of a precious metal.

• Offer a token of good luck: The British six pence is a traditional wedding gift that provides something old for the bride. Irish cents have long been considered good luck charms. Coins featuring angels and love symbols are also popular.

• Honor a veteran: The U.S. Mint has coins honoring branches of the service, past wars, POWs and more. There are also some wonderfully affordable medals with similar themes.

• Let them make the choice: Buying a coin gift for an established collector can be difficult. It may be a challenge knowing what coins they already own and which items they hope to add to their collection, so your best bet may be a gift certificate.

Jennie Lutton, for ICCoin.com

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