Back to School and Back to Collecting

Autumn is a beautiful time of year here in Vermont, featuring amazing scenery and fabulous weather. But the other thing I love about fall is the feeling of starting anew. The lazy days of summer are over and it’s the perfect time to start a new project or pick up a lapsed hobby.

Do you have a coin collection that you’d like to get back to? Or is it time to start acquiring an entirely new series? This “back to school” time of year is perfect for looking over your coins and preparing for some new acquisitions. 

There are many, many coin series worthy of a collector’s attention. If you are a history lover you might consider collecting U.S. half dollar commemoratives. These coins each feature a unique obverse and reverse design, including some of the most admired in U.S. minting history. Some of America’s finest artists and sculptors designed these issues which honor historic people, places and events.

Statehood and National Park quarters are a wonderful choice for collectors interested in geography. Each coin honors the history and traditions of a specific location with beautiful, symbolic images. This is a wonderfully affordable series to acquire as you can begin by looking through you own pocket change.

Other coins offer a wonderful dose of nostalgia. Collecting Buffalo nickels or Indian Head cents brings back an appreciation of days gone by. These coins circulated at a time when the “wild west” was still a very real part of American culture. The beloved Morgan silver dollar also reminds us of yesteryear and has the added allure of precious 90% silver content.

Whatever series you choose, remember you are not just collecting these treasures for yourself. As a coin collector you play a crucial role in helping to preserve history for future generations. Each and every numismatic item embodies a fascinating story. Without this extremely important hobby, countless coins would be lost to posterity. (As it is, we continue to lose pieces to attrition and melts, especially during times of market uncertainty.)

Now’s a great time to get reengaged in the “thrill of the chase” that numismatics provides. Enjoy the challenge of the hobby now, knowing you are also helping to pass on important artifacts for the future.

Jennie Lutton, for

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