The Allure of “CC” Morgan Silver Dollars

Carson City Morgan Silver DollarsProbably no other U.S. coins carry as much mystique and romance as Carson City Morgan silver dollars! Desperadoes stole bags of them from banks of the Old West, cowboys plunked them down in saloons and gamblers bet them in poker games.

Of course, as Morgans, they’re part of the world’s most collected classic silver dollar series. But because these particular coins were struck in a bustling Nevada mining town, they have a “Wild West” aura that collectors find irresistible.

In fact, most collectors would prefer to own a “CC” dollar (given equal rarity) than one from any other mint. And Carson City dollars are also more appealing from a strictly numismatic viewpoint as just 2% of total Morgans were minted there. The “CC” mintmark has always been and remains the rarest in the Morgan series. Continue reading

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A Fun and Affordable Coin Collection Idea

1909 Date SetI’ve never met a coin collector who felt their collection was complete. There is always that one last issue to find, another series to start, more coins to acquire. But there is great accomplishment in compiling a complete series or finishing a grouping. One great way to get that feeling of completion is to put together a set with just a few coins.

“Shared date” coin pairs can be the perfect solution. Here are four pairs to get you started. You can collect one, or try for all four and have a wonderfully historic collection of meaningful U.S. coins that help you glimpse the progression of history. Continue reading

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Can You Find Any Worthwhile Coins in Pocket Change?

Many of us began collecting coins back in the days when an Indian Head penny or a Buffalo nickel might still occasionally be found in pocket change. It was a thrilling time when every monetary transaction might provide an addition to your collection. Although those days are mostly gone, there is still treasure to be found in pocket change! Continue reading

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Is it Safe to Buy Coins Online?

Is it Safe To Buy Coins Online?Yes, it is safe to buy collectible coins online, but only if you do your homework. As with any endeavor, this industry has its scoundrels and ne’er-do-wells. And the internet makes it easier than ever for those dishonest scammers to take advantage of coin collectors.

What to Watch For:

There are a few reasons that coin collectors need to be especially careful about online shopping. Coins are reasonably affordable, compact and relatively simple to counterfeit, making it easy for a fly-by-night “dealer” to set up shop online. Continue reading

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Coin Collecting: Investment or Hobby?

Coin Collecting: Investment or Hobby?Do you remember the first coin in your collection? Most of us recall the thrill of that first acquisition, holding it in our hands and imagining the stories it could tell. I’ll bet you didn’t even consider the coin’s possible monetary value.

My first collectible coin was a U.S. Lincoln “wheatie” cent. Over the years I’ve saved every “wheatie” that has crossed my path. Delighted each time I find one, I’ve never been concerned about their resale value. But not all coin collecting is just for fun. Many of us do hope to profit eventually from the items we purchase and so carefully assemble into collections. Continue reading

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What Grade Coins Should I Collect?

WalkLibGradesHave you every gotten a shiny new penny in your change? It’s noticeable because it looks so very different than the penny you might find under your couch cushion during spring cleaning. The condition of a coin is called its “grade” in the numismatics world. Grading is subjective art and crucially important in terms of the value of a coin. Continue reading

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What is My Coin Worth?

What's My Coin Worth“What is my coin worth?” I’ll bet that is the most asked question in numismatics! Unfortunately, it’s a question that doesn’t have an easy answer. The value of individual coins is based on a number of varying factors including rarity, condition and metal content.

But more importantly, like all collectibles, the worth of your coin is dependent on what someone else is willing to pay for it. There are no hard and fast rules with collectibles and markets are always in flux. Continue reading

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